We assist entrepreneurs & aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their purpose and earn significant revenue by helping them to discover, develop, and market their business worldwide.

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Ready to take your business to the next level?

We assist entrepreneurs & aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their purpose and earn significant revenue by helping them to discover, develop, and market their business worldwide.

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Picture This…

What would it mean for you to have a strong, successful business that allows you to live the life you desire. Imagine waking up every day and doing fulfilling work that’s fueled by your passion while watching new deposits roll into your bank account.

Yes, it’s possible to turn your passion into profit!

With the right strategies, you can absolutely take your business to the next level without burnout, feeling stuck, or being overwhelmed.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own! My GENA Media will help you win. You’ll have everything you need to build a high-earning business confidently, no matter your starting point.

It’s time to start living your calling!

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Ready to launch a profitable business?

We will walk you through finding your business idea, creating your plan, and getting started with marketing.

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Business Development Services

Business Plans

A solid business plan determines the trajectory of your success. Not only is an excellent plan needed for a solid foundation and growth, but it also becomes a vital tool in securing investments and other capital. The My GENA Media team is skilled in crafting business plans that help your business have both profitability and longevity.

Business Branding

Your branding tells potential customers what makes your business unique and helps them determine why they should pick you over competitors. If you want a stand-out brand that accelerates success, allow our team to help make that happen!

Credit & Funding

A business needs cash flow to grow and thrive! Our adept team and network partners have experience in helping entrepreneurs secure substantial credit, startup loans, and other funding, plus establish financial plans that track future profitability. If you need to establish credit or fund your business, book your free strategy call today!

Build a business powerhouse. 

We help entrepreneurs build profitable, influential businesses, achieve their goals, and fulfill their life’s purpose.

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Marketing Growth Services

Website & SEO

Your potential customers are online, which means you need to be as well! Your online presence attracts new customers, helps retain your existing client base, plus showcases what you offer. Our team is here to build a website that you’ll be proud to show off while also implementing search engine optimization techniques to attract new business.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing helps you to reach more consumers. Most purchasing decisions start online, and research shows that 97% of US adults under 65 are frequently on social media. This is why your business must utilize the power of social media to increase profits and exposure! My GENA Media marketing team can make this happen.

Media Marketing

Building awareness for your business and getting more eyes on your brand are our specialties! If you’re looking for an influx of new business, then allow the My GENA Media team to assist and help your business to grow! Book your free strategy call today to see how we can help.

Ready to become a high-earning entrepreneur?

Get the exact action steps you need to build a business with longevity and pursue your dreams.

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Coretta Scott

Actress & Singer

"I’m just getting started and I am already seeing how this company can help me with branding.

I didn’t know as an actress that I needed to be setup similar to a business, but this company has helped me to understand that in order to be successful I need to create a brand around myself and they are currently helping me do that."

Brian Kennedy

Co-Owner, Motherhemp Store

"My GENA Media has assisted us with media exposure and the process of business growth.

As our business grows we will continue to work with My GENA Media for years to come."

Cocina Mexicana Restaurant

Marco Puerto


"We saw My Gena Media’s ad and decided to book a free strategy call to see what they could do for our business. At first we were skeptical, but after they laid out the process and went over our expected business investment we opted to partner with them & their media partners. I must say we are hard to please, but we are not disappointed thus far 😊.

Restaurant owners are always looking to bring in more customers and maximize profitability, so it was a no brainer for us."



Danielle Nicole

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Consultant -
Founder of My GENA Media, My GENA Media University, and My GENA Media Empire Logistics.

I believe there’s power in your passion! You can be a six or seven figure business owner doing what you love. Allow my team and I to help your business reach exceptional levels of success and profitability.

Hi, I’m Danielle Nicole! I’m a serial entrepreneur and business coach / consultant who helps people just like you to level up their businesses. Over the past decade, I have helped budding entrepreneurs and established business owners to grow their companies bigger and better.

As an entrepreneur since age 16, I really saw what it took to become a young business owner with my first clothing line, an Evangelistic Christian-based company that positively impacted my small community. After years of learning more about the power of marketing and media, I established My GENA Media in 2015, which stands for Global Entrepreneur Network Association and is a business growth development company.

With My GENA Media, I made it a point to create an entire network of partners aiming towards one goal: helping entrepreneurs and business owners be exceptionally successful. When you connect with MY GENA Media, you connect with our team and partnered experts that breeds ultimate business growth. Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs & aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their calling and earn significant revenue by helping them to discover, develop, and market their business worldwide.

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It's time for you to achieve your dreams!

Let My GENA Media help you to become a high-earning entrepreneur. Let's chat to see how we can work together to build your business. 

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